Headphones & Portable Speakers


It seems like a lifetime ago the headphones were big, chunky and just plain uncomfortable. They were heavy and after listening to them for some time, they end up giving you a headache.

I remember these because my dad had a pair that he used to listen to his record player.

Back then if someone sat next to you had the headphones on and was listening to their music, you could clearly hear exactly what song was playing on the lyrics very distinctively.

I am glad that they have come along way into the headphones that we have today.

Nowadays with the headphones that we have today not only is the sound quality much better, but the person next to us cannot hear what we are listing to if the headphones are good quality.

I personally don’t like that over the head headphones.

I prefer the earbud headphones otherwise known as in-ear headphones.

In year headphones are basically small, round earbuds that comfortably sit within your ear canal.

Some in-ear headphones come with a clip that goes around the ear which hold it securely in place, other headphones come with a attachment that secures itself around the back of your neck.

This type of earphones are compact, they are lightweight, and most models have a remark control within the cable itself so you can control the song without having to reach for the MP3 player or your smartphone.

The in-ear headphones also serve you well if you happen to wear glasses or hats or just have a volumised hairstyle, in that they will not get in the way.

The negative to these type of earphones are firstly the impact of the base is not nearly as clear as it would be on slightly larger over the head headphones. Also the sound quality in general will never be as good as their larger counterpart.

Full-sized headphones are aimed at those who value the sound of music. With full-sized headphones you will get a premium sound quality, depending of course on the make and model that you buy.

The larger headphones have more room to carry high tech components. This is why they are louder and the base is a lot more deeper. The sound quality emitted from these headphones Will be far superior than that of the counterpart earbuds.

Most of the larger headphones are noise cancelling, so outside noises will be a thing of the past with these headphones. With the in-year headphones you will always get a certain amount of outside noise because of the nature of how they meet with your ear.

This full-size headphones also have the negatives such as they are large and can be quite heavy. If you wear glasses, then these can feel uncomfortable around the side of your head and the area around your ear.

Just like the in-ear headphones, the full-size headphones also come with a remote control on the cable, depending on the make and model of headphones that you buy.

Both of these type of headphones also come in the Bluetooth, wireless variety.

Wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular as the technology becomes more and more affordable.

They are great because you don’t have any wires to get in the way and they are extremely portable which means you can have your smart phone or your MP3 player in your bag while listening to music on your headphones.

The sound quality is not compromised in the absence of the wire.

The negative to this technology is the fact that the headphones are battery operated. This means that when the battery dies the music stops playing, this can be quite irritating when you’re in the middle of a workout or when you are on a commute.

Noise cancelling headphones are also another option for your to consider to buy. These almost completely cancel out the ambient noises around, and all especially useful if you commute regularly by public transport or in the gym when you want to cancel out that horrible gym workout music.

I say they don’t completely cancel out the outside noise but significantly reduce the amount of noise from the outside that meet your ear. There will always be a slight noise which does make its way into your ear, but it’s not going to be anywhere near the amount that you would get on non-noise cancelling headphones.

When buying headphones also want to look at some of the features that you would get, I will list some of my most important features that I look for in headphones, below;

The bass always needs to be of high quality. While the treble also needs to be very clear and is also very important, the base is the deal-breaker or dealmaker.

When looking for headphones, I always like to read individual customer reviews before making the purchase, and I always buy where, if I am not satisfied with the purchase, I have the option to return it for full refund.

Another factor that I like to look at when buying headphones is the weight of the headphones, especially if they are full-sized headphones that go over your head. If they are heavy then eventually they will cause me discomfort which will deem them useless.

While I will except a certain amount of weight in the headphones, this is ultimately a trial and error exercise.

The other very important factor that I look forward headphones is the durability of them. I frequently use my headphones in the gym and while on a commute. This means they will go through a fair amount of wear and tear, especially in the gym.

If the headphones do happen to break after a few knocks, then they are ultimately useless to me.

I also need a remote control on the cable of the headphones I would buy. This is purely because most of the time when I am on a commute or in the gym, the phone will be in my pocket and I need to control to be able to change tracks and adjust of volume as and when needed.


Portable Speakers

Whether it see wireless speaker system that you’re looking to buy or just a small portable speaker, it is important that you know what to look for when buying.

Beats Pill Vs Bose Soundlink MiniMost of the places I go to I do like to carry around a portable speaker. Especially because I travel a lot from work so I am quite often spending time in hotel rooms. Well in the hotel room I still like to listen to my music so I have a portable speaker always does the job very nicely.

Portable speakers are also very handy for when you are on holiday because music is something that should always be with you, what I believe so anyway.

With so many options in the market today for wireless speakers, it can be quite confusing to find your way around. This is why I have created this guide to help you in finding what you are looking for.

Wireless speakers are usually operated via Bluetooth technology and sometimes even Wi-Fi technology.

They are typically battery-powered but you can also opt for mains power as well.

Most wireless speakers are controlled via your smart phone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology.

You are able to play, pause, and adjust the volume on any music that you are listening to.

Most people believe that the sample is it that you get from wireless speakers is poor, however, this is very untrue.

For example the Bose Sound link mini has very high quality bass, and high-quality sound output for such a small device.

Some speakers also come with AirPlay. So if you have an Apple device, this can be very useful. However, if you don’t have an Apple device, this will not be useful at all I’m afraid.

A lot of the wireless speakers on the market today do not have control on the speaker itself, rather you would have to use an external device like a smart phone to control what you are listening to.

If you have any questions or would like me to review certain products please do not hesitate to contact me.